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Mar 17, 2021

This episode explores the moral blindness that allows Hadassah Medical Center to benefit financially from pregnancy termination and human embryonic stem cell research. Despite chronic failures of human embryonic research to provide therapeutic applications, the Medical Center continues to accept research funding that destroys human embryos derived from their very busy IVF clinic. These activities at Hadassah Medical Center in Israel defy common sense in the light of the Jewish State's national security concerns and demographic challenges. Instead of killing Jewish babies, the infertile couples could adopt them! This happy solution wouldn't financially benefit the Medical Center, though, which underscores the greed and self interest that drives Hadassah's administrative decisions.

We offer Rabbi Norman Lamm's wisdom in our Power Point slide #47 What Does Rabbi Lamm Say?, and then in slide #6 Abortion Is Prohibited In Judaism and slide #14 Exception to the Prohibition we remind our listeners that Judaism prohibits abortion except in very rare situations.

We close the episode with a note about this week's Torah portion, Naso, that includes Number 5:27, which has been misinterpreted as permission for abortion in Judaism. We cite Chabad's explanation for the text which says nothing about the abortion issue. 

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