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News, education, enlightenment and spiritual renewal. Saving Jewish Lives & Healing Jewish Hearts by providing the Jewish community with Pro-Life Education, Pregnancy Care and Adoption Referrals, and Healing After Abortion.

Mar 7, 2023

Our guest is Ayala Isenberg, a young Jewish Esther who speaks up for innocents in the womb and their mothers. Ayala shares her story and then takes questions followed by open conversation with attendees. Aired 2/28/23.

Ayala's Social media:
Twitter @prolifejewess
Ticktok fmesstm

Jan 30, 2023

In this episode we have an open discussion about our attendance at the March for Life in Washington DC on January 20, 2023.  We discuss the many aspects of the pro-life movement displayed on the signs we saw, and how Judaism fits into the tapestry of biblical, secular, and moral fabric of pro-life activism.

We share our...

Aug 25, 2022

Rabbi Shlomo Nachman is a director at the Jewish Pro-Life Foundation, and the founder and rabbi of Beit Emunah, an active and growing online synagogue. Rabbi Nachman joins us today to talk about his personal experience with abortion, his bold defense of unborn life in his work, and his reflections on the absolute...