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Oct 30, 2020

This episode explores the reasons why a majority of American Jews indicate that they will vote for the Democrat candidate for POTUS. We believe that the abortion issue significantly influences the voting choices of these Jews.

We start with The United West video called THIS JEW IS VOTING for DONALD J. TRUMP!

In this video, Damon Rosen asks how can so many American Jews vote AGAINST the most pro-Israel POTUS in American history?  How can they vote for a party whose platform violates so many tenets of their religion? He’s highly disturbed at the over 75% number of Jewish Biden supporters, and explains that they will vote for the Democrat because they are disinterested in the State of Israel and Judaism.

We suggest that the abortion issue plays a major role in this situation. A 2014 Pew poll found that 83% of American Jews believe that abortion should be legal in all or most cases. The Democrat party platform supports unlimited abortion access. The Republican Platform stands up for the rights of the unborn. For this Jewish majority, the right to a tax payer funded abortion from conception past delivery is far more important than the right of Israel to exist or the right of Jews to practice Judaism safely and freely.  

We offer talking points based in science, fact, and Jewish law and ethics that can be utilized to change people’s hearts and minds. We study Power Point slide #35 A Jew Must Violate The Sabbath Rest To Save The Life Of An Unborn Child, #37 Gestational Milestones, #55 Justice For All, #61 The Moral Imperative - Torture, #73 Historical Relevance, #84 Huge Profits From Late Term Abortion, #95 Abortion Hurts Women, #98 Abortion Hurts Men, #99 Tikvat Rachel - After Abortion Healing For Jewish Men & Women, #104 Jewish Pregnancy Care, and #105 Jewish Adoption. We close the episode with an invitation to encourage voting for pro-life candidates by using this information to educate your family and friends. Recorded 10/28/20.

A Jew Must Violate The Sabbath Rest To Save The Life Of An Unborn Child

Gestational Milestones

Justice For AllThe Moral Imperative - Torture

Historical Relevance

Huge Profits From Late Term Abortion

Abortion Hurts Women

Abortion Hurts Men

Tikvat Rachel - After Abortion Healing For Jewish Men & Women

Jewish Pregnancy Care

Jewish Adoption

Pew Poll

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