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Dec 9, 2020

In this episode, we explore the spiritual and religious problems posed by the pro-abortion Jewish majority and why this contributes to Jews converting to messianic Judaism and Catholicism.  We start by sharing an article from Jews for Judaism that examines the need for rabbis to increase outreach efforts to Jews vulnerable to persuasive conversion efforts by messianic converts. We share about the many pro-life Jews who convert out of Judaism into Christian religions because they cannot accept pro-abortion Judaism, as well as the Jews who have stayed because of our work. We look at slide #47 What Does Rabbi Feinstein Say?, and close the show with Rabbi Nachman's meditation on the 36th day of the Omer count. Aired 5/19/20.    

 What Does Rabbi Feinstein Say?

She Cried When He Screamed, “You’re Not a Jew Anymore”

Counting the Nightly Omer

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