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News, education, enlightenment and spiritual renewal. Saving Jewish Lives & Healing Jewish Hearts by providing the Jewish community with Pro-Life Education, Pregnancy Care and Adoption Referrals, and Healing After Abortion.

Mar 18, 2022

The National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW) has been attacking common sense life protections for unborn children and their moms in a pro-life bill in the Kentucky house. We share an opinion piece written by a NCJW state lobbyist published in the Courier Journal. The distorted lies and propaganda in this opinion piece were repeated in house debate, so we reached out to the sponsor of the bill and the director of Kentucky Right to Life to offer our educational materials to help them respond to Jewish pro-abortion attacks on life and state representatives in the house.

During the episode, we share Bonnie Chernin's rebuttal published in Renew America (her submission request to the Courier Journal was declined.) We also share the letter that the JPLF created to submit to the Journal; however, after learning that the editor has a history of declining pro-life pieces and submissions by out of state authors, we sent the letter to Kentucky Right to Life to educate Assembly members and to submit to the Journal, if possible.

We share our March Flyer sporting Mordecai's appeal to Queen Esther to show courage and stand up for Jewish lives against state sponsored genocide. We appeal to Jews to show courage saving all unborn lives from vicious attacks by abortion profiteers and misguided Jewish propagandists.

The JPLF is hosting a healing opportunity on March 20, 2022 in our private zoom room. We close the episode sharing our event flyers and the registration information for the event: or 347-566-7898.