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Aug 29, 2020

We begin this episode by to laying a biblical foundation of respect for life in the womb. We study our Power Point slide # 10 What Do The Prophets Say?, and slide #11 What Do The Scriptures Say?,  We encourage Jews today to embrace these prophetic and wise teachings. Jewish abortion advocates continue to depend on outdated rabbinical opinions that undervalue life in the womb, rather than follow Jewish legal precedent for updating rabbinical opinion with scientific discovery that proves the life and humanity of each unborn child. We encourage Jews to  approach unplanned pregnancy with faith in God's providence rather than with fear and uncertainty, and close with a meditation on the Omer count day 11. Aired 4/20/20.

What Do The Prophets Say?

What Do The Scriptures Say?

Counting the Nightly Omer

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