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Sep 7, 2020

In this episode, we look back to the Jewish leaders who opposed legalizing abortion and fought to preserve life against the growing anti-life political movement. When the pro-life movement was forming in the 1970s, Jewish leaders in New York and Chicago spoke out publicly for life. As late as 1980, Jews were still leading the right to life cause. They didn't stay silent, as so many of us do now. We can emulate these righteous Jews by speaking out for life in our circles of influence. We study Power Point slide # 91 Jews Against The Abortion Industry, and slide #93  What Does Atty Rosenblum Say? Foundational to our pro-life cause and opposition to the abortion industry can be found in Exodus 23:7, "Distance yourself from a false matter and do not kill a truly innocent person." The abortion industry is built on lies and the destruction of innocent life for profit and eugenics purposes. Jews who fall prey to death culture propaganda and who realize the gravity and tragedy of their mistake can be redeemed by our forgiving tradition of Teshuvah. We close with the meditation on the Omer count for the 17th day, a prayer to solve problems with a God centered, faithful approach that supports life for every human person. Aired 4/26/20.

Jews Against The Abortion Industry

What Does Atty Rosenblum Say?

Counting the Nightly Omer

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