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Jul 23, 2020

In this episode, we take a critical look at the infamous, flawed  'Turn Away Study' that abortion advocates use to deny the very real fact that many women suffer after abortion with regret and serious mental and emotional problems. The article we study cites many other unbiased, better constructed studies that do show conclusive evidence of post abortion regret and mental health problems. Next, we share Rabbi Ephraim Buchwald's Torah commentary on this week's double portion, Matot-Masei. He quotes Jeremiah's prophecies and posits that these ancient messages apply to today's culture, too. We finish the episode by looking at Power Point slide #71 Rabbi Buchwald's warning against abortion, #95 Abortion Hurts Women, and  #97 Abortion Haunts Women. Aired 7/17/20.

✡︎ What Does Rabbi Buchwald SAY?

Abortion Hurts Women

Abortion Haunts Women

Psychologist Confirms Many Women Regret Their Abortions, Experience Mental Health Problems

Rabbi Buchwald's Torah Commentary, Matot-Masei: Jeremiah’s Prophecy: An Ancient Message for Contemporary Times.’s-prophecy-an-ancient-message-for-contemporary-times/

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