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News, education, enlightenment and spiritual renewal. Saving Jewish Lives & Healing Jewish Hearts by providing the Jewish community with Pro-Life Education, Pregnancy Care and Adoption Referrals, and Healing After Abortion.

May 2, 2023

R & B April 23, 2023  R&B Monthly Seminar: "Abortion" (Moloch Mass Murder Child Human Sacrifice Global Industry) Chair: Mrs. Cecily Routman. Guest: Barbara from Harlem

Our guest is Barbara from Harlem. Barbara is an Inspirational Speaker, Political Activist, Patriot, Minister, and Author of "ESCAPING THE RACISM OF LOW...

May 1, 2023

Don, a Pro-Life Jew in Arizona, Shares His Birth Story

Statement on the Obligation to Choose Life. Please visit our website to sign the statement.

At the Jewish Pro-Life Foundation, we're making the original pro-life religion pro-life again!

News, education,...