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Aug 29, 2020

This episode uncovers the push by abortion industry promoters to deregulate the distribution of dangerous chemical abortion drugs. (RU-486), calling for over-the-counter availability with no prerequisite medical examination or doctor's visit. The chief promoter is Dr. Daniel Grossman, who has been instrumental in pushing for unlimited access to chemical abortion for years. We open with a look at a news story about Dr. Grossman, who describes the unsupervised, extremely painful and seriously dangerous miscarriage at home as 'A More Private Experience'.  We show our video, The Evil Origins of the Chemical Abortion Pill RU-486, and ask our listening audience to contact Dr. Grossman to inform him of the moral and historical reasons to change his viewpoint. We study Power Point slide #36  Status Of The Unborn, slide #73,  What Does Dr. Nathanson Say?, and slide #103 Why Save Jewish Lives. For Jewish abortion advocates who may be moved to question their allegiance to abortion advocacy, the current month of Elul offers a special opportunity to receive God's forgiveness and to do Teshuvah by supporting life affirming pregnancy care organizations and sharing our educational resources with family and friends. Recorded 8/26/20.

Status Of The Unborn

What Does Dr. Nathanson Say?

Why Save Jewish Lives

'A More Private Experience’: How The Abortion Industry Soft-Pedals Dangerous At-Home Abortions

FDA Files Appeal After Judge Suspends Abortion Pill Safety Rules During COVID-19

ALERT Dr. Daniel Grossman Helps Planned Parenthood
Administer Telemedicine Chemical Abortion

Dr Daneil Grossman, MD Contact Information  

The Evil Origins of the Abortion Pill RU-486


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