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Dec 12, 2020

In this episode, we delve into the tragedy of the loss of Jewish life in Israel due to abortion. We start by looking into this day in Jewish history in 1967, the start of the Six Day War between Israel and her Arab neighbors. The Israel Defense Forces(IDF) prevailed and became tasked with safeguarding Jewish life in Israel. We move onto a 2019 article about the abortion policy in the current IDF, which provides unlimited contraception and abortions to its service members, resulting in 1000 abortions per year. We focus on the insanity of this policy, by which Israel is killing more Jews than does its enemies.  Next, we share about Efrat, one of several pregnancy care organizations in Israel, and for the need for a pro-life educational movement in Israel to introduce a life affirming view of gestational children.

We look at the current abortion rates in Israel, studying Power Point slide # 52 Abortion In Israel, and slide # 53 Jewish Abortion Is Epidemic (updated due to rising abortion rates). We close the episode with Rabbi Nachman's meditation on the Omer count for today. Aired 5/20/20.

 Abortion In Israel

 Jewish Abortion Is Epidemic

The Six Day War.

Number of abortions among IDF soldiers rises


Counting the Nightly Omer 41st Day

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