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Aug 29, 2020

In this episode, we investigate the diabolical connections between the abortion industry and sex trafficking. We turn to Jaco Booyens, whose sister was trafficked, which compelled him to uncover the evils of sex trafficking. We met Jaco in June 2019 when we tabled at the Young Jewish Leadership Summit in Washington DC. Jaco explains that sex traffickers financially support and keep Planned Parenthood in business because every one of the millions of trafficked woman has an average of two abortions. Planned Parenthood conspires with traffickers to hide this abuse of girls and avoid criminal prosecution. Many Jews support Planned Parenthood through financial contributions and volunteer work. We choose to believe that these Jews are uninformed of the criminal practices of the abortion corporation, and attempt to educate them. We study Power Point slide #86 Planned Parenthood: A Favorite Charity. We close with a meditation on the Omer count for day 12. Aired 4/21/20.

Planned Parenthood: A Favorite Charity

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Counting the Nightly Omer

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