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May 12, 2021

In this episode, we note that on this day in Jewish history three of the ten martyrs who are commemorated in special Yom Kippur prayers were killed. We explore the idea of righteous martyrdom in the context of Jewish law, which usually forbids destroying human life and preserving it at all costs. However, Jewish law finds that a Jew must sacrifice his or her life rather than succumb to idolatry, sexual sin or murder. So, it seems that Jewish abortionists who commit murder in the form of abortion have a reckoning to face at some point.

Events in Jewish history lists include the most impactful happenings in the chronicled development of Judaism. The absence of legal abortion legislation in Israel on these lists needs to be rectified because the Jewish lives lost to legal abortion in Israel has and continues to have a huge impact on the demographic, social, financial and spiritual evolution of Jewish culture and religion.

We turn to a 1977 archived story in the NYT reporting on the legalization of abortion in Israel. It describes a society already deeply steeped in the death culture, which explains in part the current lack of interest in Israeli society and politics to address the issue.

We look at our Power Point slide #7 What Does the Rambam Say?,  and slide #44 What Does Rabbi Cowen Say? Aired June  17, 2020. 

Self-sacrifice in Jewish law

Abortion Law Is Approved in Israel

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